Welcome to the Craft Group

Rosemarie Webber tells the story of the Craft Group.
The group started because of an idea I had to make kneelers for the churches in East and West Worlington and it provided a good way to bring together people from across our rural and scattered community. The idea was met with great enthusiasm and therefore the group started in 2000.

The initial designs for the kneelers came from features in the churches including, decoration of pew ends, roof bosses, window capitols, floor tiles, and animals, birds and flowers images. We were able to start work on these with natural fibre materials donated by Axminster Carpets.
Unfortunately, having just started making the kneelers, the work had to stop in 2001 due to Foot and Mouth Disease which restricted people moving around the area. With a sigh of relief the Foot and Mouth restriction eventually ended and the group was able to meet again.

By Easter of 2003 36 kneelers had been made and they were first used at our Easter morning service in that year. The group felt very pleased that such an enjoyable and challenging task had been completed and very much appreciated by our community.
Spurred on by this success and the continuing enthusiasm of our group members we started another project in 2006. This project was a collection of collages, embroideries and tapestries depicting local buildings and landmarks and flora and fauna. These have been mounted on 2 large pieces of fabric and hung in the Parish Hall in 2009. These wall hangings have been admired by many people visiting the hall with some extremely complementary comments.

The group still continues to meet at one of the members houses in the village and we have had demonstrations, made bags; cushions; crochet work; and jewellery and we are currently, in 2011, making a decorative scrapbook.
This is truly a wonderful group and we all enjoy our craft work, have fun, drink much tea and eat many biscuits and and at the end of the year celebrate with a Christmas Party.

If you would like to join our Craft Group please contact:
Val Widgery 01884 860170
Rosemarie Webber 01884 860437

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